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Personalised Packages

What are Personalised Packages?

Personalised Packages are add-on benefits that you can add to your health insurance plan for free, allowing you to tailor your cover to suit your lifestyle. Depending on what plan you select, you can add either 2, 3 or 5 Personalised Packages to your plan at no extra cost.

Personalised Packages are chosen when you first purchase a GloHealth policy, and can be changed each year at your renewal.


Can I pool the benefits on Personalised Packages?

To help you get the most out of your Personalised Packages we allow members covered under the same policy to pool* their benefits (child specific benefits can only be pooled for use by another child). Newborns and children under 3 who are not paying a premium do not increase the total number of benefits that can be pooled by all members on that plan. They may however use the benefits that are included on the plan for other paying members.

*pooling benefits does not apply to Enhanced Maternity, International Health & Travel and Family Protection Packages


Can I change my Personalised Packages?

If your health insurance needs change you will have the option of changing your Personalised Packages at your renewal date.

For more information on our range of eight great Personalised Packages visit our Personalised Packages page.

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