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Procedure Codes

What is a procedure code?

When checking your cover with us you will need to give details of the procedure code for the treatment you are having. All surgical procedures carried out in Ireland are assigned a unique procedure code and any in-patient or day case surgery that you are receiving will have one of these.

If you are having a surgical procedure you must give us details of the procedure code when checking cover. Your consultant/GP or his/her secretary will be able to give this code to you.

Please make sure to find out the procedure code before contacting us to check your cover. Once you know the procedure code, just contact us with the name of your consultant, the procedure code and the name of the hospital the procedure is due to be carried out in and we will confirm if this is covered under your plan.

If you do not have cover to attend a particular hospital as an in-patient or day case patient, we will not be able to cover the costs of your accommodation or treatment in that hospital.

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