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International Health & Travel Package

What am I covered for while abroad with the International Health & Travel Package?

  • Your eligible hospital costs for in-patient treatment in an internationally recognised hospital.


  • Where you make a claim for in-patient treatment that is covered by this policy and, as a result of this treatment, it is medically necessary for you to miss your pre-booked departure date, we will reimburse you for reasonable alternative economy class travel expenses allowing you to return home. Any refund available from your unused ticket should be claimed by you before submitting your claim to us and will be deducted from the cost of the alternative travel arrangements. Evidence of the refund claimable and paid to you should be submitted with your claim. Reasonable additional accommodation expenses incurred by You, will also be reimbursed. The maximum combined reimbursement for both Your alternative return flight and any additional accommodation is €1,500.


  • With the prior authorisation of the Emergency Assistance Service, reasonable additional transport or accommodation expenses for a friend, Travelling Companion or Close Relative to remain with You or travel to You from Ireland or escort You, will be reimbursed up the level shown in your Table of Benefits. You must pay these expenses directly to the provider and send your receipts to us for assessment. Where receipts are not in English, please provide a complete translation when submitting your claim.


What am I not covered for while abroad?

  • Hospital expenses for in-patient treatment in a hospital abroad where GloHealth has not arranged all services


  • Any treatment that is excluded under the waiting and exclusion periods or that would not be covered if the accident or emergency occurred in Ireland.


  • Costs of telephone calls made or received


  • Costs for which you are unable to provide receipts or other reasonable evidence to show the cost.


  • The cost of taxi fares or other transport to attend out-patient or in-patient treatment or appointments or for collection of medication prescribed by the hospital.


  • The cost of treatment or surgery, including exploratory tests, which are not directly related to the injury or illness which necessitated your admittance into hospital.


  • Any expenses which are not usual, reasonable or customary to treat your injury or illness.


  • Expenses incurred in obtaining medication unrelated to the illness or injury which necessitated your admittance to hospital.


  • Additional costs arising from single or private room accommodation.


  • Treatment or services provided by a health spa, convalescent or nursing home or any rehabilitation centre.


  • Any expenses incurred in Ireland cannot be claimed under the International Health and Travel Package.


  • Expenses incurred as a result of a tropical disease where you have not had the recommended inoculations and/or taken the recommended medication.


  • Expenses incurred as a result of your decision not to be repatriated after the date when in the opinion of the Emergency Assistance Service it is safe to do so.


  • Giving birth if you travelled overseas in order to give birth, or travelling while in the last trimester of pregnancy.


  • Follow up non-emergency treatment abroad.


  • Travelling when terminally ill or against medical advice.


  • Travelling abroad in order to get treatment or travelling with prior knowledge that treatment might be required.


  • Alcohol-related conditions and/or injuries


  • Drug abuse-related conditions and/or injuries or injuries sustained whilst under the influence of alcohol


  • Treatment that is required for an injury or condition after deliberately injuring yourself.


  • Any nervous or mental or psychiatric condition.


  • Injuries caused during hazardous sports or received while breaking the law.


  • Injuries caused by air travel unless as a passenger on a licensed aircraft operated by a commercial airline.


  • Any treatment that could be delayed until your return to Ireland.


  • Expenses incurred once you have been discharged from hospital.


  • Injuries sustained while travelling in a country against the advice of the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


In-patient treatment

You will only be covered for in-patient treatment for illnesses, accidents and emergencies while on a temporary stay abroad, which is defined as no more than 31 days at a time.

We will make every effort to pay your in-patient hospital or professional bills directly but, if we are unable to do so, please keep all eligible, original receipts and contact us on your return.

We may at this point require further information, such as the name of the treatment centre and the medical professionals who treated you, in order to process your claim. You must also inform us of any other forms of travel or accident insurance you might have.

You must have an Irish PPSN for your cover to be valid. If you do not have an Irish PPSN, there is no cover for any medical costs incurred while outside of Ireland or the cost of repatriation in the event of death or a medical emergency to Ireland.


Outpatient costs:

If you have added the International Health and Travel Personalised Package to your policy, the cover you have chosen for out-patient costs, daily care costs and personalised packages is extended to cover you outside of Ireland.

Claims for out-patient costs outside of Ireland will be subject to your out-patient excess. Costs incurred outside of Ireland must be on a genuine emergency basis and any treatment that could be delayed until your return to Ireland will not be covered.

An emergency is any unforeseen accident or illness that requires immediate medical treatment. You must pay these expenses directly to the provider and send your receipts to us for assessment.

Where receipts are not in English, please provide a complete translation when submitting your claim. Please check your table of benefits to confirm the outpatient cover available to you.

If you are traveling to the USA you might find that out-patient costs are significantly higher than here in Ireland. In addition to the above, if, as a result of a medical out-patient emergency, you are unable to make your original flight home, we will consider alternative, reasonably incurred, economy class travel and accommodation costs up to a max of €500.

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