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How To Make Payments

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept both debit and credit card payments from our members. There are no additional charges for the set-up of monthly direct debit payments. To make sure you are fully covered at all times you must pay your premium in advance by your agreed payment method.

When will payments be taken from my account?

If you choose to pay by direct debit, during your policy set-up you will be asked to choose a monthly payment date. This is the date on which the money will be taken from your account each month to pay your premium. If you select a policy start date that is less than 12 day in advance of the current date, we will be unable to collect your first payment on that date because of SEPA rules. This will result in a double payment during your second month. To avoid this please ensure to select a monthly billing date more than 12 days in advance of the date on which you purchase your policy.

Late payments?

Late payment of your premium could result in cancellation of your policy. If payments are consistently late we will cancel your policy from the date your last payment was received.  

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