A New Force in the Health Insurance Market

August 2nd 2016Irish Life Health has been established as a new force in the Irish health insurance market following the completion of Irish Life Group’s transactions to acquire Aviva Health and assume control of GloHealth, where Irish Life previously had a 49% shareholding. 

As a GloHealth customer you can be confident there is no change to your cover in any way. You will continue to enjoy all of the benefits of your health insurance cover and access all of your services in the same way. You do not need to take any action as a result of this announcement.

Our focus will continue to be on providing our customers with innovative health insurance cover that is relevant to their needs.

For more information please see below or call us on 1890 781 781.

Your Questions Answered

I have just heard Irish Life Group has bought GloHealth, what does this mean? 

This announcement simply means that Irish Life Group has increased it's existing 49% shareholding in GloHealth to a majority shareholding. Irish Life has also purchased Aviva Health and now all Aviva Health customers will be part of a new brand called Irish Life Health. For GloHealth and our customers it's business as usual and we will continue to trade as GloHealth. For now, GloHealth and Irish Life Health will operate as two seperate organisations. 

Who is Irish Life Health? 

Irish Life Health is a new force in the Irish health insurance market following the completion of Irish Life Group’s transactions to acquire Aviva Health and assume control of GloHealth, where Irish Life previously had a 49% shareholding. Irish Life Group is an insurer already trusted to look after one million people in Ireland and now that expertise is being extended to the health insurance market. 


Will this have any impact on my existing health cover? 

For now, it's business as usual in GloHealth. The most important thing to know is that the plan you're on now won't change in any way. Unless you decide otherwise, or until your next renewal, we can assure you that everything will stay exactly the same.    


Is my health cover still in place? 

Yes, your health insurance policy stays the same and you don't need to take any action. 

What impact does this announcement have on you? 

You don't need to worry. This announcement will have no impact on you in any way and your existing health cover with GloHealth will remain the same.

Does this mean GloHealth is closing down soon? 

GloHealth will eventually close but before this happens we will begin a process to invite all of our customers to join Irish Life Health. 


Can I still access the same consultants?

Yes, everything will remain the same and you will have access to all of the same consultants that you do now.  


Does this affect my benefits?

We can assure you that the hospitals, treatments and benefits you're insured for now, will stay exactly the same.

Is my member card and policy number still valid? 

Yes, everything stays the same. 


Does this affect the relationship with my broker?

No, we will continue to work with our broker partners in the same way and there will be no change as a result of this announcement. 

Will I still be able to get through to you on the same numbers?  

Yes, for the moment our numbers will remain the same and you can contact us  calling 1890 781 781 or by emailing: HappyToHelp@GloHealth.ie

I am due to have a procedure or currently undergoing treatment, does this affect my cover?

You don't need to worry because no action is required, your cover will be continued. 

My plan is due to renew soon, what will happen to my policy?

You will be invited to renew in the usual manner until GloHealth closes. After GloHealth closes, new and renewing customers will be offered a range of options with Irish Life Health. 

Will this affect LCR loadings?

No, LCR loadings will not be affected in any way.

Can I move to Irish Life Health before my policy expires with GloHealth?  

Unfortunately no. Because GloHealth is continuing to operate as normal, you'll need to wait until your next renewal before moving onto an Irish Life Health policy. 

Can I get a quote from Irish Life Health and GloHealth? 

Yes you can. Because GloHealth and Irish Life Health are technically two seperate organisations for now, you have the option to receive a quote from both companies. 

What will happen to my personal data with GloHealth if I decide to move to the new company?

When we invite you to join the Irish Life Health company we will ask your permission to transfer your personal data. 

If I choose to move to Irish Life Health, will my Waiting Periods be affected? 

No your waiting periods will not be affected.  

I have outstanding/ongoing claim with GloHealth, can I settle them if I choose to move to Irish Life Health?  

Yes you can submit a claim up to 6 months after your policy year has ended by sending your receipts to GloHealth in normal way. If you have an ongoing with claim with GloHealth it will be processed and assesed in the usual manner.   

I recently received a quote from GloHealth, is this quote still valid

Yes of course. All GloHealth quotes are valid for 30 days. You can review your quote or buy a policy by calling 1890 781 781 and we'd be happy to help. 


I have a Life insurance policy with Irish Life Group, will I get any discounts on my new health policy because of this?

No, unfortunately because of Community Rating we are unable to offer discounts on your health insurance. 

I am moving address, how do I amend this?

You can contact us in the same way as before. Our call centre number is staying the same. Call us on 1890 781 781 and we will assist you in making any changes you require. 

Will I still have overseas cover on my plan?

Overseas cover and contact details will remain the same. If you have selected the International Health and Travel personalised Package there is no change to your cover overseas. 

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